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Doing a disaster reconstruction project is a one time event for you. For us it is a polished art form. We will guide you through and suggest upgrades.

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We have a gallery showing our work. We are also proud of the testimonials we have received. Click the button to see these pages.

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Click the learn more button to contact us. Whether you are starting a project, in the middle, or sending us your end of project comments, we want to hear from you.

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You will have Peace of Mind because….

  • …. all restorations will be done with quality
  • …. the work will be done as quickly as possible
  • …. we have the experience to know where to look for hidden problems
  • …. when improvements are possible we will suggest them
  • …. all records will be available for your insurance company and you

News and tips: You have heard that attempting to wash smokey walls is a mistake. This is true because water and household cleaning chemicals will actually spread the surface stain and force it into the wall. Attempting to deep clean the walls will increase the damage. Professional Properties will use chemical sponges and other proven products to clean the smoke stain and smell. Occasionally, we will advise you to replace a wall or floor as a more economical solution.