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In 2001 and in 2009 we earned “Golden Hammer” awards from one of the nation’s largest insurance restoration contractor networks Crawford Contractor Connection. To earn these awards we had to meet many quality criteria. We showed quality work, great restoration times, and most important we have testimonials from many customers.

before after Every fire has three forms of damage ”fire, water, and smoke. Many times the water damage is hidden in between the floors or in the walls. Our contractors are trained to look for this damage. As shown in these two pictures putting out a fire, that appeared to be only external, caused water damage to the basement ceiling and smoke damage to the paneling.
before Our contractors repaired the ceiling and cleaned or replaced the paneling. We work with your insurance company to document the needs and the repairs. Because we have a great deal of experience, we know where to look and the major insurance carriers in this area know that we are capable and honest.
before after Not only do we oversee the repair and cleaning resulting from wind, water, and fire disasters, but also we will suggest methods of upgrading the damaged areas. In these two pictures, you can see a set of stairs that was heavily smoke damaged. The stairs were cleaned and repainted. We suggested a door at the top of the stairs to help control air flow, provide safety, and act as a sound barrier. The door also improved the look of the stairway.
before We also work with commercial building fire, wind, and water disasters. Commercial buildings have special needs and we know how to meet those needs. We have worked with many commercial claims and will focus on helping you to get your business running again quickly.

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The original damage is a disaster for you, the repair does not need to be another disaster.